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Our formalized development process

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 7:24:36 AM

Yesterday, I wrote why we needed to begin to [formalize our development process](/2_21_When_should_you_formalize_your_development_process Today, I will write about our updated process. Product development should not be a single-size. MVP! Minimal viable process. We are adding process to solve only those problems that I defined yesterday.

  • Code commits: We have been building on a development branch and pushing to a main branch. With the addition of new devs on the project we have new short-lived feature branches that are merged into develop. Pull Requests (PRs) are reviewed by a senior developer.
  • Environments: We deploy to dev (staging) and production URLs. We have pushed to production based on needs. We will now be more coordinated and push on a schedule.
  • Roadmap: We’ll have roughly a 6-month product roadmap, split between improvements and new features. The product roadmap will give us a clear direction which we will largely ignore as we react to customer demands. At some point, the product roadmap will trump individual customer demand but we are still discovering product market fit so customer feedback will often take priority.
  • Tooling: We use Clickup as our product development tool. The roadmap will be laid out in a Kaban board with #nearterm and #future labels. Roadmap items will be flushed out and turned into tasks to be worked against.
  • Sprints: Smaller tasks that developers can work against will be generated to fill roughly a two-week cycle.
  • Change log: After each two-week cycle, updates will be documented in an email and sent to the internal team, customers, and other interested parties. The change log will be tailored to each audience.
  • Meetings: We will continue to have virtual standup in Slack each morning and have added a weekly Zoom meeting to discuss priorities and communicate with our voices as a team.

That’s it. Am I missing anything in our development process?


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