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When should you formalize your development process?

Monday, February 21, 2022 at 10:26:32 PM

I’m building a service-based product to support large enterprises on Webflow. For the initial engagement, we were organized and met the requirements the client needed. As we continued development and leveraged the technology for new clients, we became less disciplined.

This has been largely positive. The product was in its infancy and it wasn’t clear what it needed to become. We’d focus on a feature to support a new client or optimize a chunk of code to make the app more efficient. It was organic and the product improved at a rapid pace.

But now, I’m feeling like it is now time to formalize our development process. Here’s why:

  • We added teammates to help with development. The communication requirements of the larger team now require more planning and documentation.
  • We have a better sense of what the tool should become and now need to be strategic in what we prioritize
  • The person who sales the product has less visibility into what the tool can do. He needs to know about the tool’s latest features and capabilities.
  • The app has reached a level of complexity where we need to consider how new features impact the whole.
  • We have customers using the product. Their feedback needs to be included and we need to communicate back to them.

Why do we need to formalize our development process? It boils down to the increased communication requirements and product complexity.

Do you adapt your product development process?


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