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Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 10:23:06 PM

I started a note taking system late last year. Before the new system, I’d scribble on the back side of a legal documentation I received when I opened a bank. I had hundreds of pieces of paper to reuse (reduce -> reuse -> recycle!). This was freeing. I buy cool notebooks that I don’t write in because what I write is bound with all the other pieces of papers. The recycled paper can be trashed immediately if needed.

I love taking notes on recycled paper. The problem I had was what I wrote never made it back to my weekly effort beyond the little that stuck in my mind.

I wanted to track the ideas from the coffee shop better so I started taking notes as follows:

  • Hand write stream-of-conscious notes at the coffee shop.
    • Move useful notes to notes file.
  • Create text file named
    • Document what I’d like to accomplish over the course of the week on Monday morning.
    • Check off to dos as they are completed.
    • Each morning add a timestamp and three or so to dos for the day,
    • Add notes as needed throughout the day.
    • Check off to dos as they are completed.
    • Write a review of the week on Sunday evening.
  • Create a text file in iAWriter named
    • Journal at the beginning or end of each day.
  • I take random notes on Apple Notes when needed.

I’ve followed this pretty closely since starting. This week, I achieved 13 of the 16 weekly to dos. They encompass work, exercise, personal improvement, and family topics.

My notes and journal go in iA Writer. I use iA Writer because I think it is a beautiful, simple app. I also use Apple Notes to jot down something quickly. If it is important I’ll move the note into iA Writer.

I use emoji to label notes and have started using hashtags because they are supported by iA Writer.

✅ Completed.
👋 Don't forget this task.
⛔️ Breaking task.
👀 Interesting. Check back later.
📍 Remember.

Sometimes, updating my notes / journal feels like a chore but I generally enjoy the process and it feels like it is beneficial for how well I live my life.

If you read this, I’d love to hear your process. 🙏


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