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Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 10:52:55 PM

I wanted to spam my old friends and acquaintences to start the year and later when I turned 40…but I didn’t put together the email list. I started but it was overwhelming. How does one categorize friends, family, work colleagues, etc.

So, instead of sending it out, I’ll add the copy here. If you’re interested enough please read on.

👋, welcome to 2022!

My 2021 was a good year. Here are a few of the highlights. If you read this, please respond with yours.

  1. Lola joined us in May. She has been an absolute gem. Likely the world’s easiest baby. The other three kids are mostly easy as well and tend to make me feel like I’m a good dad.

  2. The War on Drugs is my favorite band of the year. Is the new album I Don’t Live Here perfect dad-rock? When I want to feel younger and hipper, I go with Tame Impala’s new one, The Slow Rush.

  3. I deleted Twitter and my podcast app because of this quote from Albert Einstein, “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” That said, The Tim Dillon Show was my favorite podcast of the year. Listener beware, he is the wildly inappropriate.

  4. Park City Ski Resort is our local ski hill. We’re not amazing skiers but we’re getting better

  5. Erin and I go out each Saturday morning. The kids enjoy Saturday morning screen time, patterned after my own experience watching Saturday morning cartoons. The Saturday morning ritual is good for our marriage. 5 Seeds and Ritual Chocolate are our go-to spots.

  6. Wes is the sleeper product I’m building at Edgar Allan. We’re solving a slew of problems organizations run into when using Webflow.

  7. I re-read Nonviolent Communication with Erin. 👍👍 I read the Hunger Games series with my 12, 10 and 6 year old. The Immortality Key was the most wild read of the year.

  8. I walked almost 30 miles over the Wasatch Mountain Range. The hike was terrifying and as hard as anything I’ve ever done physically.

  9. 2021 is the year that I discovered sweat pants and that you don’t need to shower everyday. Small town life is mostly good but sometimes a little slow. To fix that, we’re traveling to Buenos Aires for 3 months of 2022. 🇦🇷

Wishing you a prosperous ’22! 🥂


This post was not edited. If you see a typo, let me know and I'll fix it.