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My #1 tip for traveling with kids

Monday, January 24, 2022 at 10:15:11 PM

I’m currently in Buenos Aires Argentina with my wife and four kids—that’s right four. We’ll be here for three months—our sweet spot duration. Before Argentina, we stayed in both Prague and Nairobi for a similar amount of time. It’s enough time to develop a daily routine while discovering life in a new country.

Traveling with kids can be tricky and I can share hundreds of frustrations and a handful of tips to lessen those frustrations. But today, I want to give you my #1 traveling with kids tip: scooters.

We’ve walked hundreds of miles with a 4 year old and haven’t had one complaint about the distance. Kids like to scoot. It makes a traipse across your favorite European city (or airport) enjoyable—even for short legs. And if the kid gets tired of scooting? He can stand on the scooter and be pulled by dad. A scooter makes for a convenient stroller.

scooters in Prague, Czech Republic

I highly recommend the Micro Scooters for kids under six. The third wheel saves a lot of falls and has great stroller functionality.

This trip I have older kids and a baby on my back. We opted for scooters that the whole family can ride over tile and cobblestone.

scooters in Buenos Aires, Argentina

So far the scooters have worked great. We buzz around the city like a family of ducks and ducklings, arriving at our next ice cream stop, bakery, and sightseeing destination well before we would had we walked.

I told a local work colleague about our mode of transportation. He responded that he won’t be traveling with us. So, it isn’t the hippest way to travel but we are making great time as we discover Buenos Aires.

Happy travels!


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